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Miyoko; fairy of the endless cosmos.

Random personal opinion.

I absolutely love close-ups of Sonny where you can see his scars.
Because have you ever really watched him or listened to him speak?
He seems like one of the purest souls out there and he’s beautiful inside and out.
I enjoy seeing him for how he actually looks, rather than a machine’s edit.
And it makes me furious that haters or whatever troll him about his face.
Acne isn’t a choice, nobody wants to have it and it’s one of the last things that should be used against a person, especially someone as genuinely nice as Sonny.
I’m glad that his fans (or the majority of us) can look past his physical appearance and just love him for who he is and the music he makes. That kind of support is wonderful.
I, for one, would love to just cuddle him and rub my cheeks against his. >.<

29 リアクション - 16 7月, 2011

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    THIS. And we should be proud of him for shaving half his hair off, essentially his hiding place, and showing off more of...
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    yep all of this and i mean I PERSONALLY FIND HIM ATTRACTIVE NGL but if you dont thats cool too but just like dont be a...
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